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How would you feel about opening the fridge after a long day of work to a variety of delicious, ready to heat meals? Do you end up ordering takeout as a result of being overwhelmed by the thought of cooking? If you're too busy to cook, or simply do not enjoy being in the kitchen, you're in the right place. 


Unlike delivery services and meal kits, you get:

  •  Custom menus tailored to your preferences, allergies & dietary goals

  •  Food prepared in the comfort and safety of your kitchen 

  •  Meals stored in glass containers with no plastic waste 


The first step in hiring me as your personal chef is an in-person consultation. During this time, we'll go over a detailed food questionnaire that will give me an in-depth understanding of your goals, preferences, allergies and dietary restrictions. I will also go over service details, policies, pricing and request a brief tour of the kitchen. With this information, along with what is seasonally available, I'll build a custom menu for you each week to fit your specific needs. Following the consultation, I'll build the menu for your first scheduled cook day. You can confirm the menu, make adjustments or request something specific you're craving. Glass containers will also need to be purchased for this service before the first day. I can use what you already have, send a link to the ones I like to use, or order them for you. 

On the morning or afternoon of the cook date, I do all the grocery shopping at your preferred grocery stores and local markets. I'll arrive at your home with all the ingredients and equipment necessary to prepare your meals. Depending on the menu, the process should take anywhere from 3-5 hours. Everything will be prepared in your kitchen, labeled with heating and assembly instructions and organized neatly in your fridge. Kitchen is then left spotless, trash and dishwasher emptied, and the invoice will be sent to you by the end of the day. 

Meal prep services are priced at a flat fee + the cost of groceries. 

Not accepting meal prep clients at this time.​

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